Illustration in live! – Participative workshop

The goal of this exercise was to transform the School’s interior through vinyl pieces that will modify space perception. The intervention consists of a large-scale illustration structured along the 4 floors of the building. Each one of the floors depicts the experience lived by the students throughout the developing of each of the academic courses. Four courses depicted in four floors: emblematic exercises, anecdotes, inquisitiveness, fears, tensions, order, disorder, illusions, efforts, and a lot of coffee, an element that, curiously enough, is present in every floor.

Students taking part:
Carla Andreu Ferrer
Amelia Aponte Ventosa
Luis Enrique ArenósCorujo
Adriana Bertolin Gallardo
Miriam Calleja López
Aleix Carricondo Mitjans
Ester Córcoles Moncusí
Victor García Galofre
Gemma Guerrero Delgado
Ramon Mañas Corbinos
Xavier Mateo Molinos
Marc Miquel Cebrián
Núria Mora Sagales
Alexandre Pibernat Martí
Helena Puig Cardona
Joaquim Rodríguez Iglesias
Marta Seara Delgado
Alma Topalovich
Júlia Torres Garro
Aida Trujillo Serra

Junior designers
Laia Corominas
Javier Jabalera
Miguel Olivera Galán
Carolina Poch Enciso

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