Pinhole camera

Roll  Art director, Photographer

This exercise consisted of building a pinhole camera for the purpose of taking photos and learning about the workings of photography.

The final objective was relating one of the photos taken with the pinhole camera with the culture you find in the city of Barcelona. The pinhole camera has the ability to capture the static and slow moving elements while ignoring the dynamic and fast moving elements. This results in surprising final photos.

A) The most impressive photo was taken in Sant Felip Neri square. Damaged by bombs during the civil war, the walls of the square tell us about death and terror, while the school children tell us about life and innocence. In the following photo, the children in movement are not being captured by the camera while the shrapnel marks remain visible:

B) Taken at Barcelona’s harbor. This photo captures the wavy movement of the ships moored in the port:

C) Taken in Reial square. This photo was one of the first that the camera captured. We see how the palm is moving while the building remains quiet creating an attractive composition: